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See it clean again

The superior external house cleaning Service in the DMV

Why get your walkway, sidewalk, driveway, and patio cleaned?

The organic build up on the pavemnt can lead to a more slippery surface which can result in a fall.

How long will the cleaning last?


All of our cleaning services will leave your property looking better than ever for around a year. We recommend getting your property cleaned about once a year.

Will you actually notice a difference?

YES! Whether your walls are being cleaned or your sidewalk, the difference will be immense, leaving your property looking pristine as ever.

About us

We are an exterior house cleaning company which aims to provide our best cleaning services to the local DMV area! We offer services such as the cleaning of sidewalks, walkways,  driveways, walls, patios, and more. We are excited to leave your house looking it’s best. We guarantee you will notice a huge difference.

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Our dedicated team is based in Rockville but would be more than happy to travel within the the DMV area to offer you our services. Although we are willing to go to you within the DMV area, some locations may result in extra fees due to far distances.